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UMJ Kotoshiro Fund (Japanese Long/Short Equity Strategy)

The UMJ Kotoshiro Fund provides unique investment opportunities by seeking alpha from the Japanese equity markets. The fund uses mainly a bottom up approach based on fundamental research. The top down approach is also taken to support the micro analysis. By adjusting volatilities between the long portfolio and the short it seeks to avoid unnecessary down side risks. The fund seeks a constant positive monthly return with a low correlation to the market. 

UMJ Super Cycle Fund (Japanese Long Short Equities Strategy General Technology & Manufacturer Focus/Technology Cycle)

Our approach is based on bottom up research on onshore/offshore technology firms and manufactures, analyzing their end products, middle products, materials, and their equipment and the larger technology cycle. Top down analysis is employed on each area for macro economy analysis. Based on this research and the results of the analysis, our Long Short positions are generated and the goal is  to generate stable returns  uncorrelated to the market. 

VPL-I Trust (Friendly Activist Strategy)

The Fund invests primarily in small to mid capitalization Japanese companies which are recognized as undervalued stocks. The Fund also supports the portfolio companies as a long-term shareholder to realize value and help them grow. 

UMJ Galleyla Fund (Japanese Long Short Equities strategy)

The UMJ Galleyla fund seeks to generate attractive absolute returns by investing in Japanese long-short equities and their related derivative instruments such as index futures and options. The fund uses an unique investment approach which emphasizes the crucial role of technical analysis. 
Fund Advisor 
Galleyla Investment Co., Ltd. 

Myojo Japan L/S & Short Biased Ark Fund (Japanese Long Short & Short Bias Equity Strategy)

Based on the idea that the US finished quantitative easing to normalize its monetary policy and Japan will still continue a huge quantitative easing monetary policy which will continue to lead to yen depreciation. Unreasonable yen depreciation will bring about a harmful influence on the  Japanese economy and company earnings and the Japanese stock prices will ultimately fall.  From this view, this strategy is to sell JPY and buy USD positions and combine it with a short bias Japanese long short equity strategy.
Fund advisor 
Myojo Asset Management Japan Co., Ltd 

VistaMax Kurashiki JLS Fund (Japanese Long Short Equity Strategy)

The focus is to generate a high absolute return with small downside risk through a Long/Short strategy in Japanese listed stocks and futures/options. It is important to understand the market trends from analyzing market and quantitative analysis, and then construct a portfolio of contingencies through top down analysis. 
Fund Advisor 
VistaMax Fund Advisors Ltd