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About Us

Company Name United Managers Japan Inc.
Address Toranomon Ishii Building 5F, 1-16-8 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0001 Japan
Contact TEL :03-6229-8760
FAX :03-6910-2944
Establishment Date December 15th, 2004
Business Type Discretionary investment management business
Investment advisory business
Capital JPY74,470,340
Registration Details Kanto Financial Affairs Bureau No.1119
Association Memberships Japan Investment Advisers Association
Officers: CEO Masahiro Koshiba
Director Toshihiro Nishio
Director Sumio Kato
Director Takaya Mitani
Corporate Auditor Nobuo Ito

Company History

■ 2004
Established (Akasaka 2-14-5, Minato-ku Tokyo)
Capital JPY50million 
■ 2005
Established UMJ (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Singapore subsidiary) 
  April Registration as Securities Investment Advisory Firm  
■ 2006
Moved office (Toranomon 2-1-1, Minato-ku Tokyo)
Capital increased to JPY69.5million 
■ 2007
Registered “Special Business Activities for Qualified Institutional Investors” 
Launched UMJ Russia Fund 
■ 2008
Moved office to (Shibadaimon 1-2-8, Minato-ku Tokyo)


Launched UMJ Kotoshiro Fund  
■ 2011
Merged with Myojo Asset Management Hawaii LLC  
Capital increased to JPY 74.4 million  
  September Upgraded registration to include Investment Management Business (discretionary Investment Manager) and Type II Financial Instruments Business to the existing license.
Moved fund management activities from UMJ (Singapore) Pte Ltd to Japan
  November Moved office (Akasaka 5-4-15, Minato-ku Tokyo)
  December Moved fund management from Myojo Asset Management Hawaii LLC
■ 2013
Launched UMJ Galleyla Fund  
■ 2014
Launched UMJ Ouka Fund  
■ 2014
Partnership with Lyra Capital Pte Ltd (Singapore Fund Management Firm)
■ 2015
Executed Equity Partnership with Lyra Capital Pte Ltd (Singapore Fund Management Firm

Organization Chart

United Managers Japan Inc has the following organizational structure:

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